Product Designing Media for Change

Academic Project

Autumn 2020 | 3 months

01 / About

Indira Cesarine is a Mexican American multidisciplinary artist who works with photography, video, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. As a photographer, she focused on creating empowering images of women that encapsulated strength, sensitivity, and intelligence. In 2019 she launched Art4Equality, an initiative supporting equality themed art exhibitions and special projects including films and public art by female identifying artists and allies.

02 / Objective

My objective with choosing this brand is to:

  • Highlight a hole in the art world that needs to be filled
  • Create more community surrounding Latinx art
  • Create an environment for women creatives to thrive in their field

03 / Site Map

04 / Target Audience

  • Gen Z + Millennials
  • Women
  • Latinx + BIPOC
  • Innercity Residence
  • Middle Class
  • Students, Self Employed, Business Worker
  • Creatives
  • Single + Married
  • May or may not have children

05 / Three Key Features + Final Designs

06 / Wireframes

07 / Design System


Through this assignment I was able to curate and develop relevant thoughtful content that spoke to the brand and it’s targeted audience.

If you made it this far, thank you!