UI for a food cult following

Academic Project

Spring 2020 | 2 months

Capturing audiences with 60 second recipes and heart fluttering comfort food, Buzzfeed’s TASTY has found itself a permanent member of households all over the nation. The challenge of this project was to redesign an app to create a user conscious environment.

01 / Problem

What is the app lacking?

  • The guides page looks too constrained
  • There is no onboarding experience
  • Lacks an overall brand identity and personal feel

02 / Target Audience

Who is using the tasty app?

  • BuzzFeed is geared more towards teens and young adults
  • Extremely active on social media by giving their audience easily shareable content and autoplay on social media feeds
  • Some of its most popular recipes are geared toward the tastes of the millennial consumer
  • 50% of BuzzFeed’s 200 million visitors are between 18 and 34 years old.

03 / Solutions

Task_1 / Onboarding Experience

Welcome > sign up > diet selection > meal preference > complete profile

While the user is signing up they can also customize their experience with the app for a personalized viewing experience.

Task_2 / Browsing and Editing Recipes

Personalized viewing experience > search > recipe selection > profile > recipe customization

The user can save recipes that can easily be retrieved and modified via their profile page.

04 / Design System




UI Elements


Through this assignment I was able to create a thoughtful design which took into consideration the users experience. I also learned how to create a cohesive design system that stayed true to the integrity of the brand.

If you made it this far, thank you!