Senior Project

Spring 2021 | 1 semester

The ACLU is still virtually unknown amongst people ages 18-24. Yet they can provide services that will be exceptionally useful to vulnerable young people.

Role: Art Director, Copywriter, Strategist


Whom are we talking to?

Gen Z, voting population
Less than $30k/year income
Inner-city, urban communities
Tiktok videos
Twitter, Instagram, Reddit
Billie Eyelash, Doja Cat, Bernie Sanders

What is going on in their lives right now?

Gen Z has it pretty tough right now. They are more likely to lose their jobs because of the pandemic, are traumatized by the fear of gun violence, and want to see laws that reflect their growingly progressive ideals.

What is in it for them?

The ACLU participates in more Supreme Court cases than any other private organization, including:

Halting the Trump Transgender Military Ban in 2017
A Landmark Voter Suppression Decision in 2016
The Fight for Freedom to Marry in 2015

What is the core idea that will inspire the reactions we want?

We know you think the constitution sucks. It is outdated, written during an outdated time, and does not seem to speak to the newer generation. That is why we want to give you the tools to communicate the critical issues with your elected officials to help mold the future you desire.

How do we want them to encounter, engage and share this idea?


With ACL-YOU know your civil liberties are protected even when you’re not looking.

How might this look in print?

This print series brings in impactful copy, important history and above all the individual.
Imagine you're going about your day and the moment you look up you see your name on a subway ad.
This is what ACLYOU is about, putting the person at the center of every movement.

How could this be interactive?

From run ins with law enforcement to runs in with the cutest dogs in Chelsea the ACLU has YOU covered with life saving tips. This instagram filter is made for people from all walks of life.

This Instagram filter joins the current trend of putting ones faith in social media and it hopefully being able to share some words of wisdom. Individuals can interact with this filter and share with their followers how the ACLU can better their day.

How might this be experiential?

The FAIR Fair

One of the greatest American traditions is the fairs that seemingly pop up overnight in small towns every summer. However, this tradition seems to be disappearing from the cultural hubs that are big cities.

That's why the ACLU wants you to enjoy a simple American tradition by bringing the Fair Fair to a city near YOU! At the Fair Fair, the funnel cakes and hot dogs are reasonably priced, and our games are only moderately rigged. The fun doesn't end there! Stick your face into any of the 30 cardboard cutouts and upload a photo to social media #thefairfair. For every post, we'll donate $1 to The Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, or Crisis Text Hotline. 

How might this be innovative?

Currently, there isn't a personal space for supporters to log in on the ACLU website and keep track of their involvement. That's why we're creating a new tab titled ACLYOU. Visitors can log in, get quick info about their local ACLU chapter, personalize their profile with a customizable character, order personalized merch, get in direct contact with local supporters.

Through this, we're also introducing a subscription program where you choose your tier of monthly donations and merchandise that comes with it.


The ACLU is an amazing organization and they're doing important things every second of every day. Every chance I get to work on a social cause I will take it without a second thought! Though this was for a school assignment everything that I do professional going forward will be done with as much intention and thought.

If you made it this far, thank you!